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Professor Giuseppe Rosano, Professor Maurizio Volterrani


There is compelling evidence that in patients with cardiovascular disease, and in subjects with an increased risk of developing cardiovascular events, comprehensive risk factor management result in improved clinical outcomes, including increased survival and improved quality of life. Several studies have demonstrated that multiple risk factors have a major impact on the general population and that their multimodal modification will decrease incidence of coronary heart disease.
Despite improved knowledge in recent years and useful clinical guidelines issued by International societies, the vast majority of patients and individuals at risk are not adequately treated. There are many reasons for this including different social, financial, and health care conditions in different countries.
The workshop, aimed at practicing specialist cardiologists and internal medicine specialists, will endeavor to provide the pathophysiological basis for a better understanding of currently proposed treatments and preventative measures. The attendees will be updated on the importance of novel risk factors for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease and innovative approaches to improve treatment and prevention. Experts will discuss current International guidelines and ways of applying their recommendations to patients in everyday clinical practice. It is expected that attendees will gain insight into modern assessment of patient cardiovascular risk, prevention and management strategies in IHD, stroke and atrial fibrillation.

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