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Kito Fusai

Dear Members,


The new year marked the handover to the new Board of Directors of our Company but certainly not the end of the excellent work carried out by the members of the previous council, first of all the Past President Sergio Bonini, the former secretary Giuseppe Preziosi and l. ex treasurer Giuseppe Maltese.

The intention of the new executive is in fact to continue the development and expansion program of the Company by recruiting the largest number of Italian doctors in Great Britain. About 3,000 Italian doctors live and work in this country and the possibility of exponentially increasing the number of members is real but requires extensive information work that we have already begun. And I sincerely hope this is the commitment not only of the members of the Council but of all the members who have the desire to see the IMSoGB grow and become more and more important. This transition takes place at a time of great importance for the United Kingdom and to this day no one is able to foresee and quantify the consequences of Brexit. It is possible that immigration from Italy, mainly young professionals, will be arrested as is already happening in some areas due to the uncertainty of political decisions. If it is right that the company continues to promote the return of those who want to return, it is equally important that it can facilitate the exit of those who want to go out. The recent rules introduced by the General Medical Council with the request for an English language exam and the possible restrictions on professional immigration from Europe are some of the reasons why I believe that our Company can truly be a point of reference especially for the young doctors looking for a professional training, very often denied to them in Italy. And attention to young people is perhaps for me the most fascinating reason for this Society. When twenty-five years ago I arrived in England from Italy, a young specialist surgeon, I had no idea what to expect and above all I knew nothing about the English system. Today a lot has changed and the competition has tightened. If then it would be useful to have a "guide", now even more the presence of an "interface" between the English and the Italian health system could help many young enthusiasts to start their experience in Great Britain. In the coming months we will define the program of events for 2019 but I can anticipate that the objective is to have at least two conferences on topics that attract the general interest regardless of the specialization of belonging. Hoping to meet you all at the next event, I wish you all the best for a great 2019. Kito Fusai