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In order to better respond to the specific professional needs and updating of our Members and to favor their connection with the Scientific Societies of the respective disciplines, the Company has set up some specialized areas, entrusted to qualified clinical and Italian researchers operating in Great Britain.

In particular, the objectives of the Areas are:


  1. Carry out a census and involve all Italians with interests in the specific discipline in the life of the Company.

  2. Create a network between the members of the Section and collaborative relationships with the other Sections of the Company.

  3. Represent the interests and expectations of the members of the Section in the scientific and political bodies of the specialty, in Great Britain and in Italy.

  4. Establish a reference point for the professional integration and career development of younger colleagues, especially for those who have recently moved or intend to move to Great Britain for study and research internships or to start a professional activity.

  5. Develop professional collaborations or joint research projects - even with colleagues resident in Italy - in the context of polycentric studies or in order to access public funding on a competitive basis or by private individuals.

  6. Represent a point of reference for Members or for all Italians who need specialist medical assistance in Great Britain.

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