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JIMS | Issue 1 | Jan - Mar 2023


Francesco Papalia & Giuseppe Preziosi


First issue of JIMS, the official newsletter of the Italian Medical Society of Great Britain

Dear Member,

Welcome to the first issue of JIMS, the official newsletter of the Italian Medical Society of Great Britain, aimed at members and non-members alike. Over the years the Society has played a key role as a networking platform for the Italian medical community, and as an interface with other healthcare professionals in the UK. We have collaborated with Italian authorities, and promoted scientific and cultural events that have been highly successful in creating a sense of belonging for our members, as well as being very enjoyable social events. Acting as a catalyst for ideas, a networking platform, and promoter of culture and science, the Italian medical community has flourished through the work of the Society.
Sometimes however, the significant amount of work and effort that goes into ensuring the continued success of your society goes unnoticed. With the launch of JIMS we aim to keep you on top of everything IMSoGB related, so that you can fully enjoy the opportunities that membership offers. Additionally, we hope that this newsletter will create a historical record of our activities and memories, and act as a space to give a louder voice to our members. We are excited about the future and look forward to bringing you news, thoughts, recommendations and more!
In the first issue we will focus on the election of the new Council, our second philanthropic event, and our trainees’ developing collaboration with their Italian counterparts.
If you would like to contribute with an editorial piece, or have anything to share with our community (e.g. news, a unique professional experience, jobs, events, courses, publications, or almost anything in between…) please do get in touch by emailing

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