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Elisa Bertoja - Election to RCoA Council 2021



Candidate for the RCoA Council2021
Ballots opened from 16 November to 16 December 2021 at 12pm

My name is Elisa Bertoja, I’ve been a consultant anaesthetist at UCLH since 2008.
I qualified in Italy and trained in anaesthesia and intensive care in Italy, Germany and the UK.
During training I arranged a year in the UK and found myself at home. I was captivated by the nurturing training environment and professionalism shown by my senior colleagues. What was meant to be only a year in training abroad, turned into so much more, culminating in the consultant post I now hold.
Clinically, my interests have always been anaesthesia for complex major surgery (Liver and Cardiac initially, and more recently upper GI and Thoracic surgery). I have also held several educational and managerial roles within my department and Trust. I was College Tutor and remain an Educational Supervisor keeping me close to trainees and up to date with their training needs. As primary FRCA Examiner I aim to continue the transformation started during the pandemic and establish a fair, world class exam fit for the future.
I want to be on the College Council as I deeply care for the future of our profession.
As a woman and expatriate equality and diversity are not just a buzz words to me, but needs that have to be addressed, urgently and openly.
Climate change is affecting our anaesthetic practice and as part of the College Council I want to facilitate implementing the changes required into our daily clinical practice as a priority.
We have a great resource in our SAS doctors: the recent contract changes have begun the process of fairer remuneration, but there is still a lot to do to ensure nonconsultant roles receive the respect they deserve. I am passionate, and am not shy expressing opinions on matters I feel strongly about. I deeply value fairness and camaraderie.

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