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Inspired and guided by their family’s values, SLIG LAW was founded by the three brothers Alessandro, Giuseppe and Roberto Gaglione. The firm provides its clients with the highest standard of legal advice and support. Trust, loyalty and community involvement are the three key values the firm operates by.

Responsive to the growing relevance of multi-lingual and multi-jurisdictional legal advice in the increasingly globalised world of today, SLIG LAW has dual-qualified Solicitors and Italian Lawyers who are bilingual in English and Italian and experienced in cross-border legal issues.

The Firm is specialized in the main practice areas of International Private Clients, Business Management and Commercial law and has a unique, cross-border area of expertise. A network of partners consisting of international lawyers, notaries and accountants supports the Firm and further enhances its ability to provide an excellent standard of advice.

The Firm’s objective, as a family-founded firm, is to assist its clients on a personal level. As such, has developed a reputation for being loyal, authentic and determined to go to any lengths necessary for its clients combining Italian passion with British tradition.

SLIG LAW is pleased to be part of the Partner Societies of the IMSOGB and offer to their members special conditions for its services.

News from Partner Society:

Il 27 Novembre, la nostra Partner Society SLIGLaw ha organizzato un Workshop interattivo sul tema “Come tutelare la propria posizione nell’incertezza Brexit”, nel quale Gabriella Bettiga discutera’ gli aspetti normativi per la tutela dei diritti della comunita’ italiana residente in UK.