Biotekna – Biomedical Technologies

Biotekna – Biomedical Technologies carries out research and development of innovative systems and methodologies in the areas of non-invasive human diagnostics, therapeutics and performance, medical-scientific training, production and sale of non-invasive medical devices. Research areas, developed since 1996 and continuously updated, include: • MUS – Medically Unexplained Symptoms; • Link between Chronic Stress, MUS, Low-grade inflammation, body composition and autonomic nervous system; • The role of muscle, bone, and fat on performance, health, aging and OsteoSarcopenic Obesity syndrome. Diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices, biofeedback and functional evaluation systems work in the differential and functional analysis of body composition, analysis of the autonomic nervous system, heart rate variability, tomographic evaluation of chronic inflammation, study and recovery from the chronic persistence of MUS, assessment of psychophysical performance, health, aging and OsteoSarcopenic Obesity.