Roberto Amendolia

Roberto Amendolia


Salvator Roberto Amendolia is a Particle Physicist by education. He studied at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, and worked for 35+ years in experiments at CERN-Geneva and at major High Energy Labs in the world. He was part of the team that discovered the top-quark at Fermilab in 1997, and has published 200+ peer-reviewed papers in his career.

He also worked for 20 years in applications of High Energy Physics technologies to Medicine, Biology and Energy fields, and has been coordinator of Technology Transfer at CERN in 2001-2005.

He lead the FP5 “Mammogrid” project on the use of AI and Grid technology for mammograms analysis. He was co-founder of the Health-e-Child FP6 project with Siemens, CERN, and Gaslini, GOSH and Necker Hospitals among others.

He was Full Professor of Physics at the Univ. Sassari in Italy and Honorary Visiting Professor at City Univ. London. During his role as Scientific Attaché at the Italian Embassy in London (2005-2014) he chaired the London Diplomatic Science Club (2009-2013).

He works as a consultant in the Energy and Hi-Tech fields and is Senior Advisor at the Italian Chamber of Commerce of London.